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Assistive Technology (AT) is a broad term that refers to any piece of equipment or device that helps an individual to complete a task and to do so as safely and independently as possible.

Increasing Capabilities Access Network (iCAN) is connecting Arkansans with the technology they need to help them learn, work, communicate and live more independently.

Our services offered are available to all Arkansans, regardless of age, geographic area, disability, income or eligibility for any other service.

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We have tools that can help in a variety of ways. Click the photos below to learn more.

Free and Low-Cost AT

Our AT Reuse program is in the service of reclaiming and redistributing previously owned Assistive Technology and Durable Medical Equipment to ensure that the equipment is being used for the full value of its lifecycle. Arkansans who are seeking alternative options to obtaining AT devices will learn what is AT and how to find and donate reuse devices. We are here to answer important questions when searching for the appropriate device to meet the needs of Arkansas. Find out the types of reuse devices and resources available at iCAN.

Small child pushing disabled hispanic father in wheelchair
African American man in electric wheelchair sitting outside smiling

AT & Disability Resources

Do you need more information? If you want to dig deeper into the world of Assistive Technology, the following links can assist you in understanding AT and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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Liftware Eating Utensil

This device is amazing. As simple as it looks, it manages to instantly counteract the hand movements to… Read More

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